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Co-Top Selling Berkshire Boar
2012 SW Type Conference - Belton, TX




Man in Black -
(Sugar Daddy)
x Tadpole - (Daddy Sang Bass)
Farrowed: 9/24/11 - Litter of 12
Test Data @ show:  0.60 B.F. - 7.24 L.E. - 1.57 WPDA
Semen: $75 / dose

owned by:
Shipley, Snyder Berks & Whipple Family Berks - OH
bred by: Russell Kneese & Morgan Davis - TX

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"Designed to Make Show Pigs"
This guy was just 5 months old at the show and he weighed 250#. You talk about one that just keeps getting better everyday. He is as wide and square to the the ground on both of his front and rear legs as any you will find. Black Thunder is stout boned, big footed and sound on all four. He has a big square rump, his top is square and thick, his shoulders are opened up and his rib cage is big. He is clean fronted, long necked and very level designed. Study his front shot and rear shot. He is special

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