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Hole Shot


LKP8 Kick Start 12-3 x RWG6 Gas Money x Buzz Saw x Power On 282-7
JGR5 Pathfinder x Power Up x Thumbs Up

Reg Number:

Litter Size:

Bred By:
Shon Grimm
Owned By:
Shipley Swine Genetics and Sean Weekley

Grand Champion Yorkshire Boar 2019 Indiana State Fair Hole Shot is a rear power hog. He was Grand Champion at the 2019 Indiana State Fair. He is a combination of heavy structure with strong pasterns, big legs, big feet and big blades along with big base width, big chest floor, big rib cage, big thick top and a lot of center body. Lots of muscle, big square rump, big deep loin, big square shoulder and a big stout skull. As well a super correct skeleton, big clean joints, big square dew claws, good set and extra flexibility in all of his joints. Hole Shot has 14 even teats, 7-7. excellent slope from his ham-loin junction to his tail head for easy pigging. He is wide based behind and wide based up front. Different pedigree that reads productivity. He can make Champion Barrows and Champion Gilts that grow fast, have muscle and still perform in the farrowing house or on the feeding floor. Better study your lesson here, one unique Yorkshire boar.