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Night Wolf

$100 /Dose - (Guaranteed Settle)

NNM56 Wolf Pac 6-3 (Drinking Class x Shotgun Wedding)
FMB5 Mr Nebraska x(MEL3 Fly By 1-2 x Cadillac)

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A-List Show Pigs
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Shipley and Snyder Berks

Night Wolf was a great boar find this year at the 2018 IN State Fair. He was the Reserve Champion and top selling boar. Judge Mike McCoy did a great job of analyzing and talking the classes and described this guy to a T. He has a great skeleton to build great Berkshire hogs. His feet are big, his bones are big and his angles are right He has nice length of body and is extra long necked, long hipped and has plenty of rib and center body with a great underline (7-7). Night Wolf comes from a great dam, he comes from a dam that generates. In 2017, she was the dam of the Champion Berk boar and Reserve Champion Berkshire gilt at the SWTC in Belton, TX. She was the dam of the IA State Fair Champion Gilt and the dam of the IL State Fair Reserve Champion Berk gilt. Night Wolf hit us hard and we love his flexibility and frame size. This guy can build champions and also ideal for making those females for the National Junior shows. For us here, this guy is one that can build sows that can generate, he comes from a very deep litter!