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Big Sexy


Bone N Hand x Outahand x Bone Collectors Littermate Sister
Outahand x Slow Motion x Super Monster

Reg Number:

Litter Size:

Bred By:
Kyle Schwerdtfeger
Owned By:
Shipley Swine Genetics

It cost us a lot of money to bring Big Sexy to Ohio, but he is the coolest Black Crossbred Boar we have seen in a long time. He is tailor made to make champion cross barrows and cross gilts for the future. (BF- .66 LE- 9.3 WPDA- 1.48 at 362 lbs.) He looks just like his picture. He is super heavy structured, absolutely packed full of muscle, tall fronted, slick necked and clean headed. Big Sexy is still blowed wide open from head to tail, he is level topped with a high tail set, big full rump, big thick legs and a monster top. This guy is exciting and he is super correct on his feet and legs. He is sired by Bone N Hand who has been kicking ass in the Southwest. This inbred genetic giant is as good as we have seen here. We expect Big Sexy to be special. Here is a list of the sireing ability of his sire, Bone N Hand 2017- Bronze Med. OYE, Champion Cross, Reserve Hamp at Ft. Worth, Grand SW District LA, Champion Hamp LSU 2nd year in a row. Grand Dam of Big Sexy has had Reserve Heavy York at Houston and Grand at Belt Buckle and Sell Makers at OYE, San Antonio, Tulsa and Houston and Champion York at LSU. 2016- Grand Barrow at OYE, Champion Hamp Barrow and Reserve Grand at OYE, Champion Cross and 3rd overall at OYE, Reserve Champion Hamp, Reserve Light Weight Hamp at OYE and Grand LA State Fair. 2015- Grand LA State Fair, Grand OYE, Champion Hamp OYE, 3rd overall York at OYE, 4th, 5th 7th and 8th overall cross at OYE, $24,000 High Selling cross gilt at World Pork Expo, $28,000 Champion cross gilt at the Classic.