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The Program
Busch League 1-11

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Shipley Swine Genetics
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Shipley Swine Genetics

We raised and showed the Reserve Jr. Champion and second top selling Hampshire Boar at the 2018 Indiana State Fair who sold to Kyle Baade, NE. We remated the dam to The Program and raised Landmine. This guy grew extremely fast (156 days to #250) in our slatted finishing barn in a crowded pen. Land Mine is one tough made, incredibly sound, thick made Hamp boar that is designed to grow. He has good length of side and is long fronted, long hipped with lots of rib and lots of center body. We love his shoulder design, pastern strength, big square toes and ideal hip and back leg. Land Mine is extremely clean jointed. His dam came from Drake's so she is productive (milks extremely well) and underline quality is very good. This guy was pictured the day we moved him off the slats. He was raised on 14% commercial hog feed. Just think how good he would have been in a single pen on show pig feed. One naturally good, tough made, fast growing Hamp boar designed to make Hamp hogs better