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Bold Strokes


Gorilla Monsoon
Life Vest x Drinking Class

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Mercer Show Pigs
Owned By:
Shipley and Snyder Berks (OH)

Bold Strokes was the Reserve Champion Berkshire boar at the National Midwestern held at the Indiana State Fairgrounds August 2020. He is a very good boar find! He's an outcross from a lot of our pedigrees and he is a flat good boar. We collected him immediately and semen quality looks great! He is out of a sow that absolutely generates. She has already put two boars in boar studs and has sired multiple champions (gilts and barrows) across the country. Bold Strokes is wide and square to the ground with a big bold chest floor and extra big blades. His bones are big and angles are right. Bold Strokes is stout skulled with a big square top and rump. Study his rump and 3/4 rump shots and check out his video! When you follow this guy around the barn, he is very wide and square off his hip and hind legs.