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Hat Trick


KORB Pay To Play 24-5 x KOLT7 Playing By the Rules
VBF Delight x JU46 Gotcha 65-2 x VBF5 Aris 39-9

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Bred By:
ok Farm (KY)
Owned By:
ine Genetics

The Ellis family in Kentucky have raised some of the best Landraces in the country for years. I contacted Kevin in the spring of 2021 and he told be to be patient. His #1 sow had a really nice litter of Feb Landraces and we could have pick of the litter. He finally grew up and was champion of the Kentucky State Fair and we got to bring him home. He is a combination of look and design for the show ring and production, production production! He is heavy structured, long bodied, thick with lots of muscle, great feet and legs, great underline and big rib. This guy is awfully good. He was worth the wait. His dam has had champions at the state and county fairs across the country in every litter!