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Hot Take

$150 /Dose - (Guaranteed Settle)

DJDS2 Redemption x CDO9 Commotion 264-2 x DPF7 Shine On 37-10
Finishing Touches x DPF7 Shine On 37-10

Reg Number:

Litter Size:

Bred By:
Norman Bros + Sons (IL)
Owned By:
Shipley Swine Genetics

Hot Take was the Grand Champion Yorkshire boar at the 2023 Indiana State Fair. When I talked to Mike McCoy, the judge, he was very complimentary of his Champion Yorkshire boar this year at the Indiana State Fair. His comments were that he was pretty darn good and he wasn't screwed up anywhere. We all know how difficult it is to find a very top notch Yorkshire boar that will make the next generation better. From the ground up, he is strong pasterned, square front and rear to the ground with big even toes. He has a massive forearm with huge shoulder blades. He is extremely athletic and super active and fiery! He has good rib shape with lots of center body and good spread to his shoulders. He carries that extra thickness and squareness back to his tail head with good length of rump. He is extremely square rumped from behind and his back legs are set wide and square as you view him from behind. He is a tall fronted boar that has a long neck with a high cocky head carriage. We absolutely love the fact that he is a line bred DPF7 Shine On that was the Champion York boar a couple years ago at the IN State Fair, That was a tremendous generator of Yorkshires that could lay down and raise pigs!