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Off Road

$200 /Dose - (Guaranteed Settle)

MWCW2 Top It Off 24-1 x BYSN Top Shelf x HH9 Walk The Line
RBVF Miss Magic x WTX About Time 32-1 x WTX9 Jet Black

Reg Number:

Litter Size:

Bred By:
RBV Berkshires (KY)
Owned By:
Shipley Snyder Berks

This is one exciting Berkshire boar! He hit us hard when they drove this guy out of the barn. He is far and away the best Berkshire boar we have purchased at an NSR National event in several years. He is one of the heaviest structured, loosest constructed, most flexible boars of any breed you will ever see. He is a heavy boned, clean jointed thick made boar with a big rib cage and lots of center body. His hip and hind leg is ideal with a big massive skull, good neck length and a big full square loose made rump. 7-7 underline with growth, look, design and high quality Berk meat. He is pretty special!