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WGW Power Play


CDAY7 Novacain 12-7 x CDAY5 Sit Tight x Bone Buzz
WGW Miss Dasher 16-5 (Littermate to Pretty Boy) TMF6 Light This x Doc Holliday

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Litter Size:

Bred By:
George Watson
Owned By:
Shipley Swine Genetics and George Watson

Power Play is one Long Necked, Long Faced, Tall Fronted, Heavy Boned Yorkshire Boar. He has a big rib, extra body and great width. This guy is bigger framed and really square and wide coming at you. From behind this guy is different. He is as square and walks as wide behind as any you will ever see. Power Play is packed full of muscle and very square topped. The neat thing about this guy is that he came straight off of the slats and was raised on commercial hog feed. He is a littermate to Struck a Nerve at Top Cut boar stud. Power Play has an excellent hip and hind leg. He has strong front pasterns and big square made toes. 8-8 Underline with very high quality teats. His littermate sisters cycled early and stood hard. His mother is a littermate to Pretty Boy and goes back to one of George's best old sows Doc Holliday 1-5.