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Grand Slam

$100 /Dose - (Guaranteed Settle)

Glen Rock (TSP6 {Wild Card x JSLH4 Red Rock})
Mega Watt 210-4 (Mega Watt x Tug 3-7)

Reg Number:

Litter Size:

Bred By:
Drake Purebreds (IN)
Owned By:
Shipley Swine Genetics (OH)

This guy is special! We have looked all year for one we thought would have a shot at being that "next" one, that could come in and be that perfect fit. We think Grand Slam fits the bill. This guy is tall fronted, stout boned, big bladed, huge footed and even toed. He is opened up front and rear with ideal flex both front and rear. His underline is a perfect 7-7. We love his huge head carriage, extra extension and shoulder height. Look at how his long neck ties into his spine. His huge feet, big forearm and blade read breeding hogs. Grand Slam has a big raw made rump. His extra length of hip blends in perfectly with his extra length of head and neck. Grand Slam is extremely strong pasterned with as good of hip and hind leg as you can put on one. His Dam 13-6 Mega Watt has been a really good sow at Drakes. She is extra heavy duty and has been a great pig raiser over the years (great barrows and females), ideal for those National Jr Gilt shows. He is a different pedigree, an outcross to many of the popular Duroc pedigrees.