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These bred gilts are for sale private treaty. First come, first served at The Farm
The middle cut of gilts. They are nice quality gilts capable of having very good offspring.
(Keeper Gilts) These gilts are good enough to say here and join the sow herd. (Very nice gilts - sounder, thicker and more muscle - they look the part)
(Elite Keepers) The very top end gilts out of some of our very top end sows.

Genetically Superior & Phenotypically Superior

(Super Elite Keepers) Like the Elite Keepers they are very superior in their design but are also out of sows that are very elite in our herd (Sows that Generate). We get asked the question "Can we buy what you are keeping?" Now that we have our sow herd in good shape we can share a few of these gilts. We do not want to sell very many of these girls. From time to time we will list a few of these gilts for sale. In some cases they are better than the elite keepers and they are always out of sows that generate litter after litter. The Best of The Best
An 8 pig guarantee on all bred gilts.
Shipley bred gilts are normally a cheap way to get boars, gilts and show pigs for the future.
Indicates an Exotic Boar
Indicates a Black Cross Gilt
BreedPriceE.N.DOBLitter SizeSireE.N. Of DamSire of DamDate BredService SireDue Date
Yorkshire$1,550180-509/20/20169Grizz II47-5Here and Now07/14/2017Trailblazer11/05/2017
Yorkshire$1,550161-608/06/20168Close Call61-7Firewall07/23/2017The Grind11/14/2017
Yorkshire$1,550177-1209/17/201617Grizz II126-13Convoy07/30/2017The Grind11/21/2017
Yorkshire$1,050175-509/14/20166Not Even Close47-3Here and Now08/18/2017Big Sexy12/10/2017
Yorkshire$1,050169-408/27/201614Grizz II5-4Firewall08/29/2017Bank Roll12/21/2017
Yorkshire$2,500175-609/14/20166Not Even Close47-3Here and Now08/31/2017Big Sexy12/23/2017
Yorkshire$1,550177-1609/17/201617Grizz II126-13Convoy09/01/2017The Grind12/24/2017
Yorkshire$2,500181-1009/20/201611Not So Fast147-11Doc Holiday09/06/2017Pathfinder12/29/2017
Berkshire$1,05068-1010/06/201613Double Take47-8Uproar07/12/2017Kahuna11/03/2017
Berkshire$1,55061-1009/09/201612I 4 N Eye28-10Double Barrel07/18/2017Juice It11/09/2017
Berkshire$1,05067-1010/05/201613Double Take3-5Nite Hawk09/05/2017Boardwalk12/28/2017
Duroc$1,550265-608/26/20167Road Hog245-9Accelerator07/16/2017Focus11/07/2017
Duroc$1,050274-509/20/20166Kuba22-7The Mountain07/18/2017Bear Cat11/09/2017