Duroc: Bear Cat $50 / Dose
Polar Bear 10-2 x Grizzly Bear
NBS3 Challenger
01/13/2017 Litter of 10
BF- .56 LE- 6.4 1.78 WPDA at 240 lbs.
Matthew Whelan OK
Shipley Swine Genetics

This guy was the different one at the 2017 WPX. He was refereed to as futuristic. He is super clean headed and clean necked. He is still stout made, big legged, wide chested, big topped and square butted. Bear Cat has big feet and square toes. He is extremely sound and packed full of muscle. He has a high quality underline and is big ribbed. His pedigree is several years old as he is sired by frozen semen that dates back to the turn of the century. He grew super fast, stayed super lean and is designed to sire Champion Showpigs of today. This guy will be fun to use if you need muscle and leanness in a taller fronted and more extended look.