Yorkshire: Parlay $50 / Dose (Guaranteed Settle)
RWG4 Sheckles 124-3 x RWG4 The Prophet 4-1
RWG2 Ms. Vision 135-10 x RTM0 Vision 28-8 x RWG0 Ms. Double Zero 18-6
12/01/2015 Litter of 7
.75 BF 10.5 LE 1.51 WPDA at 330 lbs.
RW Genetics Rick and Niki Whitman (TX)
Shipley Swine Genetics

This picture was taken in the show ring at the 2016 STC. Parlay represents Yorkshires the way that they should be, bigger framed, big chest floor, tall fronted, up headed, stout skull, big top, full rump, and tons of rib and center body. This guy has a super cocky attitude. Study the front legs and feet. If you have a down pastern problem like 80% do, this guy can fix them. He takes a long stride up front and rotates out of his hip and hind leg with authority. He is big legged and clean jointed, he doesn't have a tight joint in his body. Some boars are purchased to sell semen, not this guy. We purchased this guy to breed sows. His pedigree is different, The bottom side has a bunch of the old inbred lines from Virgil Massey. 7-7 underline with the 4th teet at the sheath. We are excited about this up-footed, genetically potent power house. Tall fronted, stout skull, big bodied, with over a 10 inch loin eye with feet and legs that are impeccable. By the way, Niki Whitman named this boar.